SULFREE is a novel end of life tyre recycling process that employs microwave pyrolysis technology.

Every year 1.5 billion new tyres are sold worldwide, just as many are categorised as ELT. An end of life tyre (ELT) is a tyre that can no longer be used on vehicles and cannot be re-treaded. The annual cost for the management of ELTs is €600 million. There is also in the EU, 5.7 million tonnes of historic stockpiles of used tyres that have been illegally dumped or in landfills.

EU legislation restricts the landfill of tyres and tyre waste and to achieve ambitious EU targets, ELV processors require the tyres to be recycled.

Sulfree’s major novelty is the development of a complete process that converts waste rubber crumb into valuable products and platform chemicals. The desulphurisation process that reduces the sulphur content of the pyrolysis oils and gases, with sulphur recovery. This enables the sale of the pyrolysis oils as light sweet crude oil.

The pyrolysis sulphur rich carbon black is activated to high quality sulphur-impregnated activated carbon using a one-step procedure, thereby increasing the carbon black’s commercial value.

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